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They Made It Dumber

I saw the new Star Trek movie a few days after it opened. Though I found it entertaining, I came away from watching it certain that something was wrong. I was unable to put my finger on it. For this reason, I was reluctant to even call it good.

So, last night I watched it again, determined to figure out what the problem was. The friends that accompanied me picked up on it in one viewing. The writers have dumbed down Star Trek. It was nothing more than almost purely an action flick. Guns blazing, almost start to finish. Gone was the science phrases and "techno babble." Out of the TV shows, Voyager was the most well known for this. Other issues with that show aside, the tech-talk always appealed to me. But, it was completely absent from the new movie.

I guess this was the effort of the writers to draw in people who have never watched Trek before. I would say it is a pretty decent movie. I am curious to see what direction the new keepers of the franchise will take.


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