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Rules For Cell Phone Reviews

I am in the market for a new cell phone or two. In the past, I have been careless and bought a phone that just seemed cool and ended up being an expensive piece of junk. Now when I phone shop, I do thorough reviews and search for any and all information about prospective phone candidates (if I can get the user's manual, which I usually can, that is excellent!). Ultimately, I rely on reviews by owners. Both Amazon.com and Phonescoop are really good sources for these reviews. I just think there should be some rules for reviewers:

1) Reviewers should state their age: teenagers write very different reviews compared to grown up kids adults who write very different reviews compared to nerds gadget geeks. I can usually tell which ones are written by the teenagers because they leave the ubiquitous comment about how fast or slow texting can be accomplished with the reviewed phone.

2) Do not make comments about your service provider's coverage without giving your city. These comments are pretty much useless without the second bit of information.

3) There are a lot of negative comments out there about how lousy the cameras are on cell phones. Here, I would suggest not leaving the comment at all. If you want to take nice pictures, go buy a nice camera.

I think that covers the important points. Any other suggestions?


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Here's my $.02:

4) There's really no need to comment on how "cool" (or not) the phone looks. We can all see the pictures for ourselves and form our own opinion on the looks, if that is something so important to us.

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