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Styrofoam Experiment

The other day, I sat in a Taco Bell munching away at my lunch. As I had gone by myself and had no one to talk to, I did my very best to avoid making eye contact with other customers. This led me to stare at my tray a good bit, and as such, I began to take notice of the great mass of paper on my tray. I had three paper wrappers from three crunchy tacos (I could not get my usual two chalupas and one crunchy taco, standard for my visits to Taco Bell, because the fryer was not working--who knew that part of chalupas were fried?). If you know me well, you know I do not customarily fall in line with the mainstream environmentalist movement. It is not because I think it is an unworthy goal, I just think that the "science" behind the man-made global warming does not even follow the scientific method. And global warming dominates the present day environmentalists' thinking. However, I do find it somewhat tragic that we order our fast food meals and give little thought to all the paper wrappers, cups, and thin cardboard boxes that we throw in the trash that wind up in landfills and such. Did God really intend for us to bury our trash in the ground? Is that being good stewards of the Earth? I do not have the answer. I am just as quick as everyone else to throw my fast food trash into the trash bin and move on (when I bring my lunch to work with me, I try to pack it in nothing but reusable containers, not even little baggies which just get thrown away). But, as I stared at my wrappers, I remembered when McDonald's provided their Big Macs in styrofoam cartons. McDonald's got dogged pretty hard for this in the 1980s, I believe, which is why those of us brave enough to go to McDonald's even after seeing Super Size Me now get our Big Macs in cardboard cartons. The argument was that all of those styrofoam cartons do not break down very quickly and would still be present in our land fills something like 100+ years later.

Some 20 years later, I wonder if those styrofoam containers really are still lurking around. I personally believe that all God created has an amazing ability to recover from injury and contamination: people, animals, and even the Earth itself. If so, could it be that these styrofoam containers have all broken down? Is there anyone out there brave enough to dig into a landfill to have a look? I wonder what would be found.


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LOL...Josh your funny! I never would have even remembered those styrofoam big mac boxes.....i can totally see you trying to avoid eye contact with everyone though...hahaha

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