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Break On Three

Earlier this year, Spider-Man 3 was released to theaters nationwide. I had managed to get my wife interested in the series a while back, so we were really looking forward to the latest installment.

We did not try to see it opening day, and negative reviews quickly surfaced. Most reviews seem to grumble that the story strayed too far from what was originally presented in the comic books. Having been an avid Spider-Man reader in the mid-1990s, I suspected I knew why folks were downing the altered story.

Well, our efforts to see the movie in the theater, and even an attempt at a nearby drive-in, were all thwarted for one reason or another. This happened at least three if not four times. Finally, we gave up and decided to wait until the movie was released to DVD.

Today was that day. We rented it, picked up a pizza, put the baby to sleep, and pushed play. Wow! It really was bad! And, being familiar with the original comic book storyline, the changes to the story are not what made this movie so bad in my opinion. I think I would argue it was the poor acting put forth for almost all of the characters, the ridiculous inclusion of numerous gags, and the "favors" that were handed out to non-actors so that they could participate in the movie (I caught three of them: Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame once again made a pointless cameo, one of the producers was the security guard in the armored van that Sandman filled with sand, and the director's daughter was the one whose camera was purchased by Mr. Jameson for $100).

The story was overall a bit weak anyway, not to mention a bit depressing. But there was some good. I thought the final battle had some redeeming elements for characters and storyline--it was good to see a lingering plot line from the first movie finally resolved. But that is all the good I could find.

Overall, I think Spider-Man 3 may very well have brought the Spider-Man movie franchise to its end for now. This seems to happen with comic book based movies. The series of Batman movies that began in 1989 had two good ones, and then tanked (though, Batman Begins was an excellent reboot to the series and I look forward to the upcoming Batman flick). I think it is safe to say X-Men will not be making any more theater appearances (though rumors abound of the Wolverine spin-off movie which would be great because I think Wolverine is cool). I never got into Superman much, but I think that series had similar performance. I am sure there are others I am forgetting right now.

I guess comic book movies just break down at their third installment. Weird. And disappointing.


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What?! I loved Spiderman 3 and so did Josiah. Actually everyone I know did. I thought it was amazing, and hillarious. I guess not reading the comics leaves for better enjoyment. It's a movie. People expect it to be just like the comics. Anyway Sorry you were dissapointed but we saw it in the theatre and then bought the dvd the first day it came out! It's amazing! :-)


I thought the movie rocked as well. I have not read the comic books. But again I understand where you are coming from. But I will continue to love SPIDERMAN!


But, I specifically said that it was NOT the changing of the story from the original comic book stories that I thought made the movie bad. It was the lousy acting that I thought made it bad.

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