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Missing Fondue

Today is a sad day. Some very good friends of mine who are fond of fondue have left town. Not just on a vacation, no, this is leaving of the more permanent kind. They have moved away. They often invited me and my wife over for fondue dinners. I was not sure what to make of fondue the first couple times. It was "interesting." After a few times, I really started to like it and realized that it allows for more fellowship while dinner is cooking a few minutes at a time. The last time my friends had us over for a fondue dinner, it ended in a competition to see who could stuff the most marshmallows in the dough, and then cook it in the oil without the marshmallow oozing out.

David, Jennifer, Liam, and Paul, we miss you already!


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Ditto from the Bushes!

Sorry, can't say that I have ever had fondue. :( Sounds interesting though.

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