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For several years now, new movies have failed to be original. Maybe I am simply not watching the right movies, but there seems to be an abundance of remakes and stories swiped from other media (books, comic books, etc.). Some of these have turned out well in the end, and some of the remakes have even gone on to make sequels that the originals did not get a chance to do (the new Ocean's 11 series comes to mind, of which I have only seen the first remake and none of its sequels). The only truly original film I can think of in recent years is Napoleon Dynamite. There is even a new Star Trek film that will be some sort of remake using characters from the original series.

Since this trend shows no signs of stopping, I will make the outlandish prediction that sometime soon, someone will remake Knightrider into a movie (sans Mr. Hasselhoff). You heard it here first!


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Knightrider sans Hasselhoff? No, no, no, no... that would be all wrong. A remake of Knightrider actually would be cool but only if they played the Hasselhoff card to the max. They should leave Kitt *exactly* as it was ('80's cool - no updates) and play up the campiness of the show to extreme. In fact, include plenty of obvious allusions to Mr. Hasselhoff's afterlife on Baywatch and his incomprehensible success as a "singer" in Germany as well.

To make it dark and cool like "Batman Begins" would be a mistake. I suggest a title-- "Knightrider: Laugh Again!"


I'm still waiting for the remake of the A-Team or Buck Rogers (with Gil Gerard)!

Nikki :

In response to Lamar, I think I had heard somewhere that the A-Team was actually coming.

For Josh,
I agree wholeheartedly with your observation. I have to admit though that the only movies I have seen recently, as you can imagine, have been of the animated sort. These seem to be a little more on the original track, i.e. Ratatouille (or however you spell it). I, too, am tired of not being able to be entertained by movies anymore. It's getting old. I would like to extend a challenge, in some way, to Hollywood to get off their fatcat rears and change this. Although, no matter what they make, they will still line their pockets. **sigh**

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