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Another completely random thought, but it must be said. For some reason, I have been thinking about the Star Wars prequel movies and the many things that were handled badly in them. Before everyone labels me a "prequel hater," let me just state that while I thought a lot of the prequels were entertaining (Obi-Wan racing through asteroids being chased by Jango is one of my favorite scenes in all six Star Wars movies), they definitely had parts that made me roll my eyes and groan.

On a more serious note though (at least as serious as one nerd can be about a collection of science fiction movies), here is my complaint with the so-called midichlorians. In the original trilogy, they were never spoken of. Rather, the Force was something more mystical and individuals either tapped into it or they did not. At the start of the newer trilogy, it is revealed that Force adepts have large concentrations of midichlorians in their blood. Now, here is the completely random thought I have come up with: if these midichlorians reside in the blood, could a person with high amounts of midichlorians (enough to be able to use the Force) give a blood transfusion to someone who does not have many midichlorians and thus give them an edge up in using the Force?

George Lucas has said time and time again that he had long ago (little pun there) written these prequel stories. Every time I have heard him say that, it gives me the impression that he had written them completely. However, this little thought of mine concerning midichlorians once again re-inforces my belief that Lucas had a very general idea of his so-called "backstory." He filled in details as the prequel movies were being made. I believe the midichlorians are one such example and they just do not seem to make the connection to the established story in the original trilogy.

This is why story writers should never, Never, NEVER write prequels. Flashbacks to small events are usually okay, but I believe that doing an entire prequel story always messes up continuity.


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Perhaps "May the Force be with you" was a saying that originally came from the Jedi Red-Cross as something they would tell the people who were recipients of their blood bank.

Oh, oh! What if Midichlorians can't survive in a non-Jedi's blood stream for extended periods of time. So then the saying was sort of a wish that they would last as long as possible (though I guess that would generate something like "May the Force stay with you" :). I can see it now: Speakeasies where people hang out and shoot themselves up with Midichlorian-enriched blood for a short high!

...stopping now.

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