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The Hidden Shame Of Embarrassment

I had a seemingly random thought today: For all those readers who subscribe to the theory of evolution, please explain to me why humans blush. As far as I am aware, no other animal blushes.

Though I cannot recall ever discussing this with anyone or reading about it before today, I cannot take credit for this being an original thought. A quick Google search pointed me to a few other web pages discussing the same thing, but I can find no one from the viewpoint of evolution, that can explain why it happens.


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Interesting point. I never thought about this before. It's also interesting to think about it from a Christian perspective as well (i.e., assuming evolution false) -- why did God make us blush?

Nikki :

Wow. I am so glad that you sent me to your "place". These are the types of writings that I love to read and lack ability to accomplish with my own mind.

EXCELLENT observation. Why did God make us blush? I believe that it's the subtle things that He has put into us and no other beings that make us special and also help those of us who believe in Him with all our hearts and souls to KNOW that we are right, not just believe that we are.

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