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Regular readers might remember my earlier post discussing the enjoyment of hard labor. Tonight, I was doing some landscaping. I need to flatten out a spot in our back yard for our pool. So, I was digging some more. Despite the heat, and the pain in my lower back, I was really starting to get into it. Unfortunately, dinner was soon ready and it was time to abandon the project for the evening.

It leaves me wondering what it is about hard, somewhat menial labor that is so invigorating to me lately.

Maybe it is just that it causes me to drink more refreshing water than sugar-rich soda.


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Nikki :

I personally think that it's because your job, although a very stressful or mentally draining job, doesn't give you things that you can SEE transforming. Does that make sense? I know what I am trying to say and yet it seems as though it's coming out in foreign tongue!!

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