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October 20, 2006

Sports Nut

I for one tend to not be a sports nut. Here in America, you can find someone passionate about many sports. I think football ranks as one of the highest, but there are plenty of people nuts about baseball, NASCAR, soccer, golf, bowling, pool, and even curling. Poker tournaments are shown on ESPN, so somehow, that might make poker a sort of sport. At the least, a friendly competition.

What gets me is that in the spectator sports, there is always that passionate observer who feels that they must be involved in the game by being an "encourager." Were I much of a sports nut, I might understand this more. However, I just don't get how yelling obvious things at the players of the game really helps. For example:

I attended a hockey game tonight, and a spectator yelled "Skate!"

In football, spectators will yell "Run!" and "Get him!"

In NASCAR, people... Um... Bad example...

In poker, spectators might yell out "Lay them cards down! Whoo!"

And so, and so forth. I guess I am just not a very good sports spectator. I do like to play some sports and that is the only time I can get real excited about a sport. I've broached no new topic here, as I am sure others more astute than I have realized the obviousness of sports spectator speech long before I did tonight. It just came together in my mind tonight when that guy yelled "Skate!" and I thought to myself, "What else would the hockey player do?" It would at least be funnier if the same guy yelled the same phrase at an ice skating competition.

I guess what I'm thinking overall is that yelling the encouraging phrases may do something to encourage the player... if they can hear what is being yelled. After all, sports teams would be nothing without their fans. The "home field advantage" is often regarded as beneficial because of the fan base.

Maybe someday I'll discover that one sport that enthralls me so much that I shout out something obvious.

October 25, 2006

The Relief Of Ackbar

Long have I been a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy. The new trilogy is ok, but really, the original is best. And for nearly as long as I have watched these movies, there is a scene in Return Of The Jedi where a look of relief crosses the face of Admiral Ackbar as the Star Destroyer Executor is destroyed. Long have I sympathized with the expressions on his puppet-like face as I too have come through a major trial. Don't know what I'm talking about? Have a look:

1) The moment of triumph:

2) The sigh of relief:

3) The chance to lean back and relax a bit:

I recently ended a long task at work that has caused me much stress and taken much of my free time from me. So, when I completed this task, I again found myself empathizing with Ackbar.

The really good news about this is that this work has kept me from blogging... until now! This is my second post in less than a week's time. That's like a record or something!

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