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This site has been a long time coming, but with this entry, I will officially begin my blog. I am not yet pleased with the look of this site. In fact, there have been many attempts to jazz up the look, and because I do not fully understand how to write CSS, for now I have opted to go back to a default layout. I hope to remedy this soon and make things look a little better. However, rather than continuing to let that prevent me from posting, I will just work on that aspect of things as I am able.

So, what is to come? I do not really know. I like math a lot, and so as the "pun-laden" title of this site suggests (more obviously suggested in the sub-title), I do want to discuss math topics on a regular basis. I will probably get into some general science topics too. When I discuss such things, I really want to make an effort to go back to the reason science came about in the first place: the efforts of early scientists and mathematicians really sought to gain a greater understanding of God and all that he has created. Being a lover of God, a believer in his son Christ Jesus, I also want my mathematical and scientific pursuits to be representative of my efforts to understand what God has created. With that goal in mind, I believe that this site can offer something to both mathematically- and scientifically-minded people, but also to those who may not be as comfortable with math and science topics. If you are a person of the latter type, I encourage you not to be intimidated by the topics brought forth on this site. At least give it a shot. Besides, I will talk about other things like my latest wood-working project, how things are progressing with my aquarium, and perhaps even interesting things I eat for breakfast.

I have greatly enjoyed the writings of John Piper, a Christian author and pastor. His book "Desiring God" has been something of a central theme for living in my own life (in addition to what I learn from the Bible, of course). It really made me reconsider how I want to live my life for God. The main premise of the book is:

The chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.
Since first reading the book about five years ago, I have tried to live out my life in just that manner: to glorify God and enjoy Him in doing so. My goal for this blog is that it would also bring glory to God. So, I want to dedicate this website to the glory of God. May everything written and discussed on this site ultimately glorify Him!


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As the ancient Chinese proverb says, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." And so the saga begins...


I just want to say, you are the most wonderful husband and best friend. I love you more than words could ever say.
As for all you wrote in your blog, I don't have much to say to that. You are a bit too smart for me, you think things that never cross my mind.
I'm glad you want to dedicate it to the Lord, and that you want to glorify Him with it. You are more than I ever dreamed of.
I love you

Don Tygett:

Is this "the" Josh Thumann from MSU and Chi-Alpha?


The one and the same. Don, I have been trying to track you down, so how do I get in touch with you?


I read Donald's post and knew for a fact that this site was yours. Send me your contact info please. Send me Don's also, would you?

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